About Us

Hello Friends!

My name is Ashley, I'm a Minnesota native who transplanted to Oklahoma after marrying my hubby. I'm a mom to 3 little girls with 3 totally different personalities. (I had two brothers, I'm totally confused by this whole sister dynamic!) We've got cows, horses, dogs, cats, turkeys, & chickens and enjoy our small town living. 

From a small girl, I've always enjoyed fashion. I'd sit in my room and sketch dresses, I worked retail growing up and loved seeing all the newest trends, and I'm that mom who knows basic sewing skills but will whip up every Halloween costume, if time allows. I can honestly say, I have a very broad sense of style, I truly love it all. I enjoy how certain pieces make a person feel about themselves.

My goal for Ash & Co. is that you are able to step out in confidence, finding clothing that enhances your personalities and makes you feel great about yourself. We are amazing and we do amazing things, it's time we believe it!